Select Equity Income Portfolio

Investment Management of Virginia’s Select Equity Income Portfolio is conservatively managed with a primary goal of capital appreciation through consistent, absolute returns.

The Portfolio’s guiding principle is to invest in high quality small, medium, and large capitalization companies, including exchange traded funds (ETFs) that have strong positions within their markets. Companies considered for investment will generally have an excellent balance sheet, a consistent record of profitability, sizable free cash flow, and an experienced management team. An especially attractive purchase will have high returns on invested capital, undervalued assets on the balance sheet, and a record of consistent earnings and dividend growth.

Most positions will have lower price-to-earnings multiples than the market in general and could be expected to exhibit less volatility than the market. The portfolio managers may raise cash levels if market conditions warrant extraordinary caution. Some sectors of the economy may be over weighted due to the nature and goals of the Portfolio, but the portfolio managers will limit excessive concentration in any one area.

Each Investment Management of Virginia Select Portfolio account owns the same stocks in approximately the same percentages. There are typically 25–40 different stocks in the portfolio.

  • The Select Equity Income Portfolio strives to achieve above average, long-term returns while taking below average risk. The Portfolio may be expected to underperform during a strong market and outperform during a weak market.
  • Download the full description of the the Select Equity Income Portfolio in PDF format:4Q2022 Select Equity Income Portfolio Presentation

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