Forward thinking and decisive action are keys to winning chess and successful investing. Investment Management of Virginia, LLC has the experience, knowledge and versatility to identify opportunities and challenges for our clients.

Investment Management of Virginia, LLC (IMVA) is a registered investment advisor providing professional money management services to high net-worth individuals, foundations, and institutions. We offer several equity-based investment management styles and tailored programs to meet our client’s individual preferences.

Our firm operates under the following guiding principles:


IMVA’s independence allows us to focus on our clients’ best interests. IMVA is not affiliated with any bank or broker-dealer. Originally established in 1982 as a subsidiary of Scott & Stringfellow, Inc., the firm became independent in July of 2000, following a management-led buyout.


Experience is one of IMVA’s strengths. The firm’s investment professionals average more than 20 years in the investment industry. This depth of professional experience gives the firm a tested understanding of the advantages of long-term investing and a solid foundation for the ongoing execution of robust and replicable investment processes.  The firm’s partners are active in the business and are focused on using the portfolio management team for the full benefit of the firm’s clients.


Serving clients’ best interest is IMVA’s first priority. Our client focus allows us to address concerns, questions, or other issues quickly. We also communicate regularly through our quarterly letters, which include clear portfolio appraisals, investment returns, and transaction summaries.  In addition, portfolio managers are available to arrange personal meetings.


Our clients custody their accounts at a brokerage firm, bank or trust company of their choosing and are not locked into long-term investment arrangements.


Long-Term Focus

We have a long-term focus in our investment styles.  Portfolio turnover in our strategies is typically between 10 and 40 percent, indicating that we hold stocks for an average of two to five years.  The relatively low turnover improves the potential for tax-efficient, compound growth.  Low turnover also reduces trading commissions and fees.


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George J. McVey Jr. (Gee)

7231 Forest Avenue
Suite 204
Richmond, Virginia 23226

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